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Colonel Charles Young, an American soldier, and a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, was the third African American graduate of the United States Military Academy, the first black U.S. national park superintendent, first black military attaché, first black man to achieve the rank of colonel in the United States Army, and highest-ranking black officer in the regular army until his death in 1922.

Colonel Young was born March 12, 1864. In honor of his life and to recall the memory of those members who have entered Omega Chapter, each year chapters are asked to conduct the Formal Memorial Service on the Sunday closest to March 12.

Chi Gamma Gamma Chapter, along with the 9 other chapters in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area, decided in 2007 to begin conducting the Colonel Charles Young Memorial Service together.  Since that time, on a rotating basis, one chapter hosts the City-Wide Service.  It is traditionally held at the International Headquarters Building of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.  Each chapter invites the family members of the brothers who have passed away to join them for this special service.

Individual Chapters will also conduct as requested, a Memorial Service for funerals.  This is for brothers who pass away.  Omega Memorial services may be done in conjunction with the actual funeral of our departed brother or at another time, always consent with the wishes of his family.

What follow are some Chi Gamma Gamma photos taken at some of the recent Colonel Charles Young Memorial Services. 

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