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The Chronicles of Chi Gamma Gamma

The Formative Years

While living in Poughkeepsie, NY, and working for IBM, Brother Herb Shannon, 1-67, Talladega College, and a second-generation Omega, met and developed a friendship with Mr. Vern Vereen. Mr.Vereen expressed an interest in the fraternity, which Brother Shannon most graciously acknowledged, and Brother Vernon Vereen was initiated into the fraternity in June of 1972, beginning a lifelong friendship.

Brother Shannon relocated to Atlanta in 1974 and immediately joined Eta Omega chapter.  Seeking other younger men of like attainment, he developed a close relationship with Brothers Leon Weaver, Frank Robinson, and Chucky Wilson.  Eta Omega was a very large (300+ members) and powerful chapter during that time with highly accomplished members, both within the community and Omega.  Young Brothers, such as Shannon, Weaver, and Robinson, were not given much of a voice.  The chapter operated on the old adage that young Brothers should sit, listen, and learn.  Well, after a year of sitting in the back of the room, they left Eta Omega in 1976 and formed a core group that revitalized tau Chapter.  That was also the year that Brother Vereen transferred to the Metro Area (with IBM), and joined Eta Omega.

Tau Chapter was an intermediate chapter, located in downtown Atlanta, with only a few members.  The newly arriving members from Eta Omega staked their claim and began implementing the mandated programs of Omega. Having a little more seasoning under their Omega cap and having performed good work while at Tau Chapter, they then chose to move back to Eta Omega in 1980.  This time, they were given a voice, committee responsibility, and the opportunity to compete assume leadership positions.  It was at this time Brother Phil Fant joined their ranks.

During the mid-1980s the high tech boom hit Atlanta.  Companies such as IBM, Digital Equipment Corp., Wang, HP, and others opened up regional and National offices mainly in the north metro area.  The growth brought a good number of Omega Brothers, many with young families, purchasing homes in communities on the north side of town.  Most Brothers relocating to Atlanta knew about Eta Omega, especially its notoriety for having a great Frat House.  The downside was that similar to what Brother Shannon and others encountered in the mid-seventies, it was still an intimidating experience coming from midsize chapters averaging about 30-50 brothers to stepping on board the mother ship, and attending a chapter meeting of 250 plus.  Penetrating some of the established cliques was also a very daunting task.  Let’s just say it was not a very inviting experience. Brothers seeking the traditional makeup of a medium-size chapter and shorter commutes started to get other ideas. 

In August 1987, at the home of Brother Shannon, Brother Vernon Vereen, being the rebel that he is, initiated conversations with Brother Shannon and Brother Len Donaldson on the value of starting a chapter in the north corridor, meaning Cobb and North Fulton Counties.  The idea quickly gained energy and excitement.  The word circulated very rapidly and after several information meetings, 28 brothers gathered at Brother Vereen’s home on July 9, 1988, to deliver checks and money orders needed to begin the application process.  The application for chartering was submitted on July 15, 1988.  However, the official notification was not received until September 9, 1988, stating that Chi Gamma Gamma chapter had been formally chartered on July 29, 1988.

On Sunday, November 6, 1988, at 6:30 pm, a formal reception was held at The Pavilion, a private reception facility on Roswell Road in what is now Sandy Springs, Ga.   At that time the first officers of Chi Gamma Gamma Chapter took their oath of office administered by 7th District Representative, Brother Astrid Mack.  The officers were Brothers Vernon Vereen, Basileus; Dwight Danzy, Vice Basileus; John Burwell, Keeper of Records and Seal; Leon Weaver, Assistant Keeper of Records and Seal; Benjamin Boykin, Keeper of Finance; Victor Howell, Assistant Keeper of Finance; Ausker Morris, Chaplain and Herb Shannon, Dean of Education.  Thus began the commitment to community service and the execution of the mandated programs in the Marietta/Roswell area..

Expansion and Development

1990 - 1999

Brother Bob Greene, with the support of Bob Campbell and Phil Fant, were the visionaries and engine for hosting the Inaugural Scholarship Golf Tournament (later known as “Drive for Knowledge”).  The event was held on October 11, 1991, at Alfred “Tup” Holmes Golf Course, Atlanta Ga.  This has become the longest-running Omega Golf Fund Raising event in the Atlanta Metro Area!  The chapter has used it to generate the majority of the scholarship funds it raises each year. Brother Bob Campbell deserves special recognition for his continued efforts over the years in leading the fundraising efforts. These funds were significant in the accomplishments of a generous annual scholarship program.  Led by Brothers Shannon, and Danzy, the chapter has contributed more than $215,000 to deserving students in support of their academic dreams.

In 1994 Chi Gamma Gamma received its first recognition at the State level, being presented with (3) GA State Plaques. The most significant was the Georgia “Social Action” Chapter of the Year. This award had been dominated for years by Eta Omega. We were now on our way for bigger things!

Brothers Kerwin Felix and Herman Anderson introduced a proposal to the chapter that the chapter sponsor a Cub Scout Pack. The chapter agreed and in 1995 the Boys Scouts of America notified the chapter that Cub Pack 1911 has been approved!   Led by Brothers Felix and Anderson, the Cub Pack operated in Marietta and South Cobb County, as we partnered with the American Legion of South Cobb. Several Brothers had sons in Pack 1911; Bros Felix, Anderson, Leon Robinson, Chuck Fontenot, and Willie Self.  There were as many as 20 Cub Scouts in Pack 1911. Before Cub Pack 1911 was disbanded, Bros Felix and Anderson helped Turner Chapel AME Church started their own scouting program.  Cub Pack 1911 was active for five years.

Chi Gamma Gamma was the Host Chapter of the 32nd GA State Workshop held in November 1995. Brother James Williams was the state Marshal; Donnie Perry was our Basileus.  At that 1995 State meeting, we received our 1st GA State Chapter of the Year (Region 1) Award, along with two other State Awards, and narrowly missing out on two others. Needless to say, Chi Gamma Gamma was the Chapter setting the Standard in the State of Georgia.

1996 was going to be the year, at the State Level, and hopefully the District Level for Chi Gamma Gamma.  We were building on the two previous years, so we knew “we could take it ALL”.  We did our thing, and when we were announced as “Chapter of the Year (Region 1)”, we knew we had done it.  However, it wasn’t meant to be. Another chapter from Region 1 was announced as “GA State Chapter of the Year”. How could that be??  After the announcement, the entire Workshop went “silent”. Everyone knew that the wrong Chapter had been given the award. Because of this, the entire State evaluation and scoring system was analyzed and revised to make sure that going forward the most deserving chapter would get the proper recognition. It can be said that Chi Gamma Gamma was the catalyst behind the evolution of the new scoring system; not just for this award, but for All awards.

As the mid-'90s were rolling in, Chi Gamma Gamma was searching for a fundraiser to enhance the operating funds in the chapter. Bro Birdel Jackson suggested we start a Tennis Tournament, as he was already involved with one. The idea took shape in the form of a combined Tennis/Cards Tournament. Facilitated by Bro Dan Ford, Bro Bob Greene, Bro Jackson, and Bro Charles McCord. The event took place at the “River Club” in Martin’s Landing (Roswell, GA) where Bro Jackson lived.  Tennis games sometimes went well into the night, with finals sometimes ending after midnight!  Bid whist and spades games were held in the River Club’s clubhouse.  In later years, we added a pool party with DJ to the mix.

Solidification and Resurgence

2000 - 2009

In early 2001, three brothers (Bro Frank Robinson, Bro Leon Weaver & Bro Herb Shannon) who were no strangers to “Cruising”, and who always cruised together, decided, after a suggestion from Bro Robinson, that they would introduce having a Cruise fundraiser to the Chapter. During a chapter meeting, Bro Robinson introduced the idea, asking for a show of hands to see if there was enough interest to pursue the event. There was, and from there the planning started. With Bro Robinson leading, and Bros Shannon and Weaver supporting with Advertising and Ticket sales, the 1st  XGG “Cruise with the Ques” was launched in the Fall of 2001.

Chi Gamma Gamma hosted the 65th 7th District Meeting in April 2002.  Brother Phil Fant was the District Marshall and Brother Herb Shannon was our Basileus). This year was the first time we were presented an award at the District level – NAACP/UNCF Chapter of the Year.

We kept persevering, as we always do, and later in 2002at the Georgia State Workshop we received our first designation as the“GA State Chapter of the Year”

Since the initial American Cancer Society’s Cobb County Relay for Life campaign in May 2004, Chapter members, led by Brother Charles McCord, have generated in excess of $140,000 in the fight against Cancer.  Relay for Life fund-raising team members since 2004; include Brothers Herb Shannon, Leon Weaver, Charles McCord, and Leon Robinson.   Each year another 10-15 members of the chapter are encouraged to join this core group in raising funds.

On Saturday, October 1, 2005, in Peachtree City, Ga. in his nomination of the 1st Vice State Representative, Bro. James Cistrunk, Brother Herb Shannon declared Chi Gamma Gamma Chapter, “The Elite of the Elite”.  The slogan has since become ingrained in the fabric that is Chi Gamma Gamma.  Not an ego trip, it speaks to the way our chapter is committed to our Cardinal Principles in conducting its business in serving our community – with humility, class, and professionalism!

The Omega Bible fundraising project was designed by Brother Carl Bacon and others in 2005.  Since then the sales efforts have been led by chapter brothers like Brother Stephen Smith, Brother Ken Allen, and most recently by Brother Roy Hopkins.  

In the early 2000s, our 1st Basileus, Bro Vern Vereen, began the Chapter’s Elementary School Mentoring Program (now know as our 1911 League), at Argyle Elementary. Invited by his daughter, Allison, he adopted her all-boys 5th-grade class. Bro Vereen coordinated activities using his Omega Brothers that included Science, team building, tie-tying, and oratory skills. The Year-end activity was a CAReer Day when Omegas would park their cars around the school and offer all 4th and 5th-grade students a chance to meet and greet professional men of color while learning about their cars.

In 2005 our chapter was approached by Carol Maxwell, a teacher at Powers Ferry Elementary, and a member of Delta Sigma Theta. She wanted to get her Omega Brothers involved with her school. Bro McCord and Bro Mark Townsell began offering our mentoring program at Powers Ferry Elem. Soon thereafter, they added Brumby Elementary to our mentoring program.

Bro Bruce Myers entered Omega Chapter in January 2006. At the time of his death, he was Vice Basileus of Chi Gamma Gamma.  A proven leader in his own right, in his honor, the Scholarship Committee with approval from the Chapter created the “Brother Gaylord “Bruce” Myers Annual Memorial Scholarship”, which was established in the fall of 2006. The Scholarship provides an annual scholarship contribution in the memory of this Omega man, honoring Service, Integrity, and Leadership.

On May 1, 2007, the brothers of Chi Gamma Gamma sponsored a field trip for two groups of boys that we mentor at Powers Ferry and ArgyleElementary schools. Eleven Omegas joined three teachers and twenty-four young men as we journeyed to Birmingham, AL. to tour the historic Sixteenth Baptist Church(where four little girls were killed during a racially motivated bombing of the church in 1963)and the Civil Rights Institute. Our own Brother Frank Robinson, a native of Birmingham, shared his personal involvement and struggle during the Civil Rights movement.

In 2008, as we prepared to celebrate the chapter’s 20th Anniversary, Brothers Leon Robinson and Ben F. Hill, Jr. designed a special chapter lapel pin and 20th Anniversary Polo Shirt that featured a new chapter logo. 

We take great pride in the chartering of two undergraduate chapters.  The first was Alpha Delta Nu, at Kennesaw State University, in June of 2008.  This endeavor was spearheaded by Brother Markee Smith and led to fruition by Brothers Dwayne Willis, Randolph Merriweather, and H. Benjamin Williams.  

2010 – 2019

In July of 2010, Alpha Delta Rho chapter was chartered at Southern Polytechnic State University.  Brother David Jones spearheaded this effort to bring Omega Psi Phi Fraternity to this campus.  Chi Gamma Gamma maintains a strong presence in the community as well as within Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

In previous years, the existing chapters in metro Atlanta would attend a joint Talent Hunt hosted by Eta Omega. From that event, each chapter would select the individual talents that would represent their chapter at the GA State Talent Hunt. In 2010 Chi Gamma Gamma decided to hold its own Talent Hunt. Bro David Carter was our first Chairman, and along with Bro Randolph Merriweather and Bro Wayne Crosse, we held our 1st Talent Hunt in the “Black Box” Theater at Marietta High School.

Over the past 10 years (since 2002) we have been ‘working hard for Omega’, trying to get another GA State Chapter of the Year Award. We were always coming up short (5 points, 2 points, 3 points).  In 2011, we were pleasantly ‘surprised’ when Chi Gamma Gamma’s name was called “GA State Chapter of the Year”.  The following year, 2012 (which included our work in 2011), we received our First 7th District Chapter of the Year Award.

Brother Ken Demons (GA State Representative) approached Bro David Jones (XGG Basileus) and asked him if Chi Gamma Gamma would host the 50th Anniversary GA State Workshop (1963-2013). Bro Jones said YES, of course. Therefore, in 2013 the Host Chapters of the “50thGolden Anniversary GA State Workshop”, were Chi Gamma Gamma, Alpha Delta Rho, and Alpha Delta Nu.  Brother Herb Shannon served as State Marshall.  Brother David Jones was our Basileus.  The workshop was held in the Cobb Galleria Center - Renaissance Waverly Hotel.  What a Glorious Celebration it was.

Our involvement in school mentoring really took hold in 2013-2014, with activities at Marietta Middle School and Drew Middle School with programs coordinated by Bro Chesley McNeil and Bro Bill Harris. We were also asked by two elementary school principals to come into their schools. Bro McCord took the lead in these group mentoring programs at LaBelle Elementary and Dunleith Elementary. The brothers began referring to our mentoring program as the 1911 League, so, in 2015 we officially placed all our mentoring programs under the umbrella name “1911 League School Mentoring”.

In 2016, under the leadership of Brother David Jones, we received our 3rd“GA State Chapter of the Year” Award. The following year (2017), under the leadership of Bro Chesley McNeil, Chi Gamma Gamma received its 2nd“7th District Chapter of the Year” Award. Bro McNeil wouldn’t take full credit for this, because, it mostly included the work done the year before under Bro Jones!


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