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While living in Poughkeepsie, NY and working for IBM, Brother Herb Shannon, 1-67, Talladega College, and a second generation Omega, developed a friendship with Mr. Vern Vereen.  Mr. Vereen expressed an interest in the fraternity, which Brother Shannon most graciously acknowledged and Brother Vernon Vereen was initiated into the fraternity in June of 1972, beginning a lifelong friendship.

Brother Shannon moved to Atlanta , in 1974 and immediately joined Eta Omega chapter.  Seeking men of like attainment, he developed a close relationship with Brothers Leon Weaver, Frank Robinson, and Chucky Wilson.  Eta Omega was a very large and powerful chapter during that time with highly accomplished members, within the community and within Omega.  Young Brothers, such as Shannon, Weaver and Robinson, were not given much of a voice.  The chapter operated on the old adage that young Brothers should sit, listen, and learn.  Well, after a year of sitting in the back of the room, they left Eta Omega in 1976 and went to revive Tau Chapter. 

Tau Chapter was an intermediate chapter, located downtown Atlanta , with only a few members.  They staked their claim and began implementing the mandated programs.  They then moved back to Eta Omega in 1980.   Having a little more seasoning under their Omega cap and having performed good work while at Tau Chapter, they were given a voice, responsibility and the opportunity to assume leadership positions.  It was at this time Brother Phil Fant joined their ranks.

During the mid 1980s the technology boom hit Atlanta , and you had companies such as IBM, Digital Equipment Corp, Wang, HP and others penetrating the area.  Along came a host of Brothers establishing residence on the north side of town, Marietta/Roswell.  Because of its notoriety, most Brothers coming to the area looked to join Eta Omega.  Well it was an intimidating experience coming from midsize chapters averaging about 50 brothers to stepping on board the mother ship, and attending a chapter meeting of 250 plus.  Penetrating some of the established cliques was also a very daunting task.  Let’s just say it was not a very inviting experience. Brothers seeking the traditional makeup of a medium size chapter and shorter commutes, started to get other ideas. 

In August 1987, at the home of Brother Shannon, Brother Vernon Vereen, being the rebel that he is, initiated conversations with Brother Shannon and Brother Len Donaldson on the value of starting a chapter in the north corridor, meaning Cobb and North Fulton Counties .  The word circulated very rapidly and after several meetings, 28 brothers gathered at Brother Vereen’s home on July 9, 1988 to begin the application process.  The application for chartering was submitted on July 15, 1988.  However, official notification was not received until September 9, 1988, stating that Chi Gamma Gamma was chartered on July 29, 1988.

On Sunday, November 6, 1988, 6:30 pm, a formal reception was held at The Pavilion, a private reception facility on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, Ga.   At that time the first officers of Chi Gamma Gamma Chapter took their oath of office administered by 7th District Representative, Bro. Astrid Mack.  The officers were Brothers Vernon Vereen, Basileus; Dwight Danzy, Vice Basileus; John Burwell, Keeper of Records and Seal; Leon Weaver, Assistant Keeper of Records and Seal; Benjamin Boykin, Keeper of Finance; Victor Howell, Assistant Keeper of Finance; Ausker Morris, Chaplain and Herb Shannon, Dean of Education.  Thus began the commitment to community service and the execution of the mandated programs in the Marietta/Roswell area.

On Saturday, October 1, 2005, in Peachtree City, Ga. in his nomination of the 1st Vice State Representative, Bro. James Cistrunk, Brother Herb Shannon declared Chi Gamma Gamma Chapter, “the Elite of the Elite”.  The slogan has since become ingrained in the fabric that is Chi Gamma Gamma.  Not an ego trip, it speaks to the way our chapter is committed to our Cardinal Principles in conducting its business in serving our community – with humility, class and professionalism!

Brothers Leon Robinson and Ben F. Hill, Jr. designed our chapter pin and logo that are proudly displayed, in recognition of the chapter’s twenty-year existence. Some of the more significant accomplishments have been a generous scholarship program, lead by Brothers Shannon, and Danzy, which has contributed in excess of $125,000.00 to deserving students in support of their academic dreams.

Brothers Phil Fant and Bob Campbell were the visionaries and engine for hosting the first annual “Drive for Knowledge” golf tournament, held in 1990. This fundraising event has generated the majority of the scholarship funds raised. Brother Bob Campbell deserves special recognition for his continued efforts over the years in leading the fundraising efforts.

The Brother Gaylord “Bruce” Myers scholarship, which was established in the fall of 2006, provides an annual scholarship contribution in the memory of this Omega man who passed away in early 2006.

The Omega Bible fund raising project was designed by Brother Carl Bacon and others in 2005.  Since then the sales efforts have been led by chapter brothers like Brother Stephen Smith, Brother Ken Allen and most recently by Brother Roy Hopkins.  We continue to generate operating funds as we spread the Gospel.

Since the initial American Cancer Society’s Cobb County Relay for Life campaign in May 2004, Chapter members, led by Brother Charles McCord, have generated in excess of $95,000 in the fight against Cancer.  Relay for Life fund-raising team members since 2005; include Brothers Herb Shannon, Leon Weaver, Charles McCord and Leon Robinson.   Each year another 10-15 members of the chapter join this core group in raising funds.

We take great pride in the chartering of two undergraduate chapters.  The first was Alpha Delta Nu, at Kennesaw State University , in June of 2008.  This endeavor was spearheaded by Brother Markee Smith and led to fruition by Brothers Dwayne Willis, Randolph Merriweather and H. Benjamin Williams.  And in July of 2010 Alpha Delta Rho chapter was chartered at Southern Polytechnic State University.  Brother David Jones spearheaded this effort to bring Omega Psi Phi Fraternity to this campus.  Chi Gamma Gamma maintains a strong presence in the community as well as within Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

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